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«GLOBAL FOOD IMPEX» is a supplier of fresh agricultural products. Our experts create the best conditions for collection, storage and further transportation to our customers, so that the entire system and planned projects work in the necessary progress, from growing to packaging, and from export to receiving products to consumers. Despite the high rate of market growth, «GLOBAL FOOD IMPEX» continues to maintain its position as the fastest growing company in the industry.

Sorting and calibration of vegetables for client's requirements
Manufacturing of containers according to the client's specification
Transportation by any means: rail, road and air
Sending goods upon payment

Our Capabilities

For several years we have been engaged in the cultivation and procurement of fruits and vegetables in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Today, we have our own warehouses, production lines for packaging, sorting and processing fruits, vegetables, salads, herbs and dried fruits. The terms of cooperation with us are the most loyal and acceptable for customers. We provide the option of payment upon arrival and deferred payment for seven days after the first prepayment transaction.

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